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Fully Closed Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine LP6025D

6000x2500mm cutting area Double Exchange Cutting Table
 CE Standard Protection Cover
 IPG/MAX./RAYCUS Fiber Laser Source
 Maximum Load 15000W laser power
6. Precitec /RayTools Auto-focus cutting head
 CypCut 2000 Cutting System
 HypCut 8000 EtherCAT Cutting System
 CypNest Sheet Nesting Software
 Strong Heavy Machine Body
 YASKAWA Servo Motor System
 HIWIN&YYC Liner Guide and Rack
 Camera Remote Watching Sytem
 Automatic Oil Lubrication System
  • LP6025D

  • ACME

Product Description

ACME Fully closed type fiber laser cutting machine is designed for high precision sheet metal processing. It provide efficient cutting at optimal speed using a fiber laser. The integration of leading-brand components assures you top performance and high reliability. Easy to operate and maintenance.

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Technical Parameter

Laser type Fiber Laser
Laser Power 1kw-15kw
Laser Cutting Head RayTools/Precitec Auto-focus
Cutting area (mm*mm) 3000*1500mm , 4000*2000mm etc.
Max.Cutting speed / moving speed 55m/min 120m/min
Position/Repeat position accuracy ±0.03mm / ±0.02mm

Machine Details


Single Module CW Fiber Laser, based on modular design, has excellent beam quality and high stability, which structure is compact and water-cooling.

The laser can be adjusted continuously, and the beam is transmitted be fiber and QBH connector, which is ideal for laser cutting, laser welding, etc .

       DSC_0237 Yaskawa Servo Motors
     machine bed

Strong machine bed

加强激光头 The laser head is the ideal solution for all laser cutting applications in the medium power. thanks to its wide range of variants you will always find the most efficient and economical configuration.
               DSC_6693 Hanli Water Chiller

YYC helical Rack

Taiwan YYC Helical Rack Or Taiwan Apex

Grinding processed with very high accuracy

Cutting Sample

sheet metal cutting sample (2)

CE, National Patent Certificate


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 IPG/MAX./RAYCUS Fiber Laser Source
 Precitec /RayTools Auto-focus cutting head
 CypCut 2000 Cutting System
 CypNest Sheet Nesting Software
 Strong Heavy Machine Body
 YASKAWA Servo Motor System
 HIWIN&YYC Liner Guide and Rack
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