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What are the uses of laser cutting in the automotive field?

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Laser cutting technology replaces traditional mechanical tools with invisible beams. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting speed, not limited to cutting patterns, automatic layout, saving materials, stable cutting, low processing cost, etc. it will be gradually improved or replaced in the traditional metal cutting equipment.

The automobile is a high-precision whole, and its electrical and mechanical components must be attached to the corresponding positions of the body, with high accuracy and small error. In the production and maintenance of automobiles, the shape of many metal structures is very complex. In order to ensure the safety of drivers, the selection and manufacture of auto parts must be accurate.

Laser is an advanced manufacturing research method. In developed countries such as Europe and America, 50% ~ 70% of auto parts are processed by laser. With the development of China's electronics industry and technological progress, there are also students who independently innovate, develop and produce laser cutting equipment for China's education, which can be applied to the field of auto parts manufacturing industry.

For our own car, daily maintenance is really important, because if we are not careful, it may cause great damage to students' physical activities or the car, and the analysis of the results of such mental damage may cost a lot of money to maintain. For the safety and comfort of the car, we need to pay more attention!

1. Automobile airbag

Laser cutting airbag is an important equipment for automobile safety protection It's the same as the seat belt. When used together, it provides effective collision protection for passengers. In a car accident, air bags can reduce head injuries by 25% and face injuries by 80%.

Laser cutting can effectively and accurately cut the airbag, ensure the seamless connection of the airbag, maximize the product quality, and let the owner rest assured of safe use.

2. Car interior

Laser cutting additional cushions, seat covers, carpets, large bags, brake covers, gear covers, etc. Car interior products can make your car more comfortable, easier to disassemble, clean and clean.

In the field of laser cutting application research in the automotive service industry, laser cutting machines can more flexibly process various automotive interior products of enterprises. The laser cutting machine can flexibly and quickly perform drawing and cutting according to the internal dimensions of different models of students at the same time, thus doubling the efficiency of production and processing of their own products.

Automobile processing and manufacturing has incomparable advantages such as body design and manufacturing, which greatly reduces the investment risk of mold development. It is mainly used for developing new models, on-line cutting, deformation car making, sample cutting, etc. Cutting of auto parts, body panel holes and trimming, steering wheel holes, body windshield, roof bracket holes, airbag parts, hydroformed parts, etc.

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