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What are the advantages of laser cutting machines?

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Machinery factories across the country need to cut metal accurately and consistently every day. Laser cutting machines have been around for a long time and can cut various materials cleanly and accurately. A special form of laser cutting is laser tube cutting. As the name suggests, it is optimized for cutting cylindrical objects. Why should laser tube cutting machines be used in manufacturing workshops? What are the benefits of being able to provide laser tube cutting services?

(1) Reduce the secondary operation of cutting the tube. When cutting pipes with a physical blade, metal shavings and defects are usually left on the cutting edge. These problems will require additional cleaning and molding processes to prepare the pipe for any purpose. However, when using a laser tube cutting machine with a splash-proof device, not only are the edges almost perfect but the slag generated during the cutting process can be collected and the slag is prevented from appearing in the cut tube so that these two processes are not required. Although traditional laser cutting machines can also produce clean cuts, their design will not be able to accommodate the tube, which means that a flat piece of metal must be cut and then passed through a roller or brake (depending on whether you want a round or square shape). By using a pipe cutter, you can directly cut a tubular object.

(2) Stronger tube ends. Another advantage of using a laser tube cutting machine is that in addition to producing smoother cutting, there is no need to apply mechanical force to the cutting. Under normal circumstances, CNC presses or other machines will use physical force to break through the cut material, apply stress to the surrounding material, and slightly weaken it. The use of a laser cutting machine helps to ensure that the pipe is stronger at the cutting point than when using a physical cutting tool.

(3) The diversity of cutting processes. CNC machinery can achieve a high degree of control and accuracy for many tasks, and CNC-controlled laser cutting is no exception. The laser tube cutting machine does not simply perform vertical cutting but can perform angle cutting, slotting, etching, bevel cutting, etc. according to the equipment. Although traditional laser cutting machines can also perform many such tasks, they are not optimized for cylindrical objects.

(4) Laser tube cutting machines can fill a niche role. If your machine shop handles a large number of requests for custom forming or cutting tubes, then having a laser tube cutting machine can fill this gap well. Because these machines are optimized for this process, they can help improve the efficiency and throughput of custom-cut pipelines.

(5) Low-maintenance cutting. Physical cutting machines require frequent maintenance and repairs because their tools wear out quickly. However, the wear rate of laser cutting machines is not so fast. If you use a solid-state laser tube cutter (that is, a cutter that uses a solid object to focus a laser) instead of a gas-based cutter, the laser can run for thousands of hours with almost no maintenance. Of course, the physical mechanism of moving lasers or workpieces still requires regular maintenance.

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