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Tips for operating laser cutting machine

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There are four skills that must be mastered by laser pipe cutting machines. When the traditional process is used to process holes, there will be depressions, inaccurate hole positions, and burrs. Now the finished products cut by laser pipe cutting machines are not only smooth and burr-free, but also have a hole diameter. The size can also be used flexibly, so as to meet the diversification of factory needs.

Laser tube cutting machines can cut arbitrary complex shapes. The cutting speed is fast, the processing accuracy is high, and the one-time forming does not require secondary processing. No casting molds are required, which greatly saves costs, and the visualized nesting system greatly saves materials. Laser cutting is also widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, electrical and electronic, light industry, chemical industry, aviation, vehicle manufacturing, ships, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, metal crafts, electrical parts, medical microelectronics, hardware, knives and other industries. Laser cutting is so widely used, so how should we use the laser pipe cutting machine?

1. Before operation, the first thing to check is whether each lubrication point of the laser pipe cutting machine is short of oil, whether the servo motor is loose, whether the safety protection device is reliable, and then operate after confirmation.

2. After starting the oil pump of the laser pipe cutting machine, check whether the value of the pressure system is kept within the specified range. If it is too high, it will cause damage to the hydraulic components and waste power. If it is too low, it will affect the work.

3. Adjust the position and corresponding angle of each part of the laser pipe cutting machine.

4. Adjust the precise position of each part of the laser pipe cutting machine.

5. Adjust the vertical lift guide so that it can move forward and clamp the pipe tightly.

6. Adjust the horizontal lifting guide so that it can move and clamp the pipe.

7. Put the metal pipe into the feeding machine, and the front end touches the positioning point, press the start button to start the feeding machine.

8. When operating the laser pipe cutting machine normally, the mind should be concentrated, and it is not advisable to be distracted. If there is a fault during operation, it should be repaired in time.

9. After using the laser pipe cutting machine, the machine should be turned off, the power supply should be cut off, and then the cleaning and lubrication work should be done.

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