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The difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine

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At present, with the continuous innovation and development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting machines have gradually replaced many traditional cutting industries with their flexibility and flexibility. High-precision cutting can be roughly divided into two methods, one is plasma cutting and the other is laser cutting. The gap between laser cutting machines and plasma cutting is the cutting thickness and cutting cost. The advantages of laser cutting are much more than those of plasma cutting. Plasma cutting mainly uses plasma gas cutting, which has a high cutting temperature and high radiation to the human body. Laser cutting machines are mainly used for laser beam cutting, which can be remotely controlled, have three-dimensional cutting technology, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting relies on-air on as the main medium, compressed air, and high-temperature plasma arc as the heat source to melt the cut metal parts, and the airflow blows away the melted metal at high speed to form slits. The plasma cutting surface is rough, there are burrs, the cut joints are wide, and the plates are deformed.

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machines are mainly used for scanning the surface of sheet metal with high-density, high-power laser beams. In a short period, we can heat the sheet metal to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, which can melt the sheet, and then use high air pressure to blow the melted material away from the slit. Laser beam cutting replaces traditional cutting machines. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting is flat, smooth, no burrs, no deformation, no need for secondary processing, no need to open molds, CNC programming, automation, high precision, can process any graphics, fast cutting speed, and improve processing efficiency.

Laser cutting machines are used in the kitchenware industry, automobile manufacturing industry, fitness equipment industry, new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, furniture industry, etc.

Difference between plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine

The difference between laser cutting and plasma, the laser cutting machine cuts thicker metal plates with high precision and no slag, the incision is smooth without secondary processing, and the precision can reach 0.01MM.

In terms of cutting accuracy, plasma cutting can reach 1mm, while laser cutting machine cutting can be less than 0.2mm. Compared with plasma cutting, laser cutting machine has less effect on precision and more heat, and small kerf does not deform the cut sheet.

Compared with plasma cutting, laser cutting machine is a little more expensive, but laser cutting machine has high cutting precision, can cut complex graphics and complex metal special-shaped pipes, cutting speed is fast, saving labor costs, one person can see multiple laser pipe cutting machines and lasers The cutting machine can be controlled remotely. It is recommended that you give priority to the laser cutting machine!

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