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The advantages of laser cutting in various industries

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The advantages of laser cutting in various industries

In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of society and technology, lasers have also been used more deeply in various industries.

Lasers have many advantages, the most important of which are three aspects: 

1. Lasers have high brightness and temperature. The laser beams concentrated by special lenses can burst into high temperatures of nearly tens of thousands of degrees near the focused focus. After being guided, the laser can process almost any existing material; 

2. The laser has good directionality, which makes it still have good power and precision after long-distance beam transmission; 

3. The laser has high monochromaticity. Due to the high monochromaticity of the laser, the laser beam can be accurately focused on the focus, thereby obtaining high power and precision. The above three aspects are very important conditions for lasers in various fields, especially in the field of processing, high-power laser pipe cutting machines and laser cutting machines have emerged as the times require, and have excellent development prospects.

The traditional pipe processing methods mainly include plasma cutting, sawing machine cutting, three-dimensional drilling, punching, and manual cutting. The sawing machine cutting is only suitable for cutting, and cannot meet other process requirements. Due to the serious environmental pollution, high power consumption, low cutting precision, and low price, plasma cutting is gradually eliminated by the market. Three-dimensional drilling and other equipment have low efficiency and single processing methods. Manual cutting has poor precision, low efficiency, and high labor costs, which cannot meet development needs.

Therefore, laser cutting equipment has excellent prospects for development. At present, in the processing field, lasers have been widely used in laser welding, cutting, punching, heat treatment, laser marking, laser cleaning, etc. In the processing of pipes, cutting, punching, diagonal cutting, and other conventional cutting are mainly used.

Laser pipe cutting machines and plate cutting machines contain almost all the advantages of traditional processing methods. Their machining accuracy is high, the section surface is smooth, and almost all graphics can be cut. Moreover, with the localization and popularization of lasers, the cost of laser equipment has gradually decreased, and it is slowly approaching plasma pipe cutting machines. Therefore, in the current stage of development, laser pipe cutting machines and plate cutting machines have gradually replaced traditional processing methods.

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