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Laser pipe cutting machine should pay attention to these points

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Laser pipe cutting machine should pay attention to these points

As we all know, in pipe processing, the more common traditional processing methods mostly use sawing and punching, but this processing method has great drawbacks, such as slag and burrs, which require secondary processing, and the accuracy of opening It is not accurate enough, and the deviation is relatively large. This kind of pipe processing is difficult to adapt to the current industrial needs. Since the laser cutting machine is used for pipe processing, the drawbacks of traditional laser pipe processing can be perfectly solved. The cut product not only has a smooth section, but also has no slag and burrs, which can meet the various needs of the factory.

Whether it is pipe cutting or opening, the use of laser pipe cutting machines also has certain working skills. Pay attention to these points to make the processing and production process more smooth.

1. Servo motor parameter error

If the round hole is elliptical or irregular after punching, it is most likely related to the mismatch of XY axis motion, and the reason for this is that the parameter adjustment of the servo motor is not suitable, and the parameters need to be adjusted at this time. , The cutting quality of the laser pipe cutting machine has a great relationship with the servo motor

2. The size of the blowing air pressure

When the laser pipe cutting machine cuts pipes, auxiliary gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or air are required to support them. When the blowing pressure of the auxiliary gas is too small, slag and burrs will appear in the cutting. If it is a carbon steel material, it may also cause carbonization; when the air pressure is too high, it will be easy to burst holes when opening holes. Therefore, during the cutting process, the operator must reasonably adjust the air pressure.

3. The aperture size of the opening

The ratio of the hole diameter of the laser pipe cutting machine to the thickness of the cutting board should be 1:1. The larger the aperture of the opening, the higher the quality of the cutting, and the smaller the aperture, which will easily lead to the problem of residual breakpoints or out-of-round holes.

4. The accuracy error of the guide rail and the lead screw affects the drilling accuracy

There are many reasons that affect the accuracy of cutting quality. The accuracy error of the lead screw and guide rail has a certain impact on the cutting accuracy of the laser pipe cutting machine. This requires us to use high-quality accessories as much as possible when purchasing cutting equipment.

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