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Laser pipe cutting machine market application development prospects and protective measures

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    With the increasing production and consumption of metal pipes, the demand for pipe processing is increasing. The birth of laser pipe cutting machines has injected new blood into the processing of many pipes, and it is also widely used in a variety of cutting industries. In the production of modern industry, laser cutting is more widely used in the processing of sheet metal, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and wood materials, and its application in major heavy industries is also constantly expanding. Pipe laser cutting accounts for 40% of industrial laser cutting, and it is the largest technological application in the laser processing industry.

    Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine: Laser pipe cutting is a graphic design using computer-aided design software, which is imported into the operating system of the pipe cutting machine, and can be automatically cut to maximize the speed of the manufacturing process. Usually, there will be a database in the operating system with key information, the material type, thickness, various shapes of the tube, etc.

    What makes the laser pipe cutting machine truly different is its cutting accuracy. It adopts chuck and push-type cutting methods, which have high machining accuracy and stable accuracy. Due to the continuous improvement of modern laser cutting machine technology, the industrial manufacturing applications involving small-diameter pipes have also been greatly accelerated. The laser pipe cutting machine can make corresponding adjustments according to these deformations to ensure the accuracy of pipe cutting, which cannot be achieved by many traditional processes.

    The scope of pipes used by laser pipe cutting machines: round pipe, oval pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, special-shaped pipe, and other types of pipe cutting; copper and other materials; laser equipment is widely used in sports equipment, automobile manufacturing, steel and wood furniture, medical equipment, building decoration, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, elevator equipment, and other fields. Thanks to good customer reputation and continuous product improvement.

    In the future, the laser pipe cutting machine industry will develop in terms of informationization, efficiency, and environmental protection. Therefore, we should strengthen our strategy and guidance for the laser pipe cutting machine industry, to promote enterprises to strengthen large-scale development, improve efficiency, informationization, and intelligence, to better meet the needs of market development.

    In the process of using a laser tube cutter, we often produce some dust, which affects our eyes. For the sake of our safety, it is recommended that dust removal equipment must be installed, which is good for the health of the human body and the long life of the machine. It is recommended that everyone master the following three points to have a protective effect on the body.

    1. The laser is an invisible beam of light. The laser beam cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you open the hood during maintenance, you must pay attention not to touch the optical path, which is very dangerous.

    2. The harmful elements in the focusing lens of the laser tube cutter should not be in frequent contact with the lens. The scrapped lenses should be specially treated and not thrown around.

    3. We pay attention to the material aspects when processing. If it is carbon steel or stainless steel, there is not much problem. If aluminum is processed in large quantities, the dust during cutting will be suspended in the air, which is harmful to the human body after inhalation. Also, when cutting aluminum plates, the reflection is very strong, and the cutting head must have a protective device, otherwise, it will be prone to malfunction.

    According to the R&D experience of laser equipment, laser cutting is much more environmentally friendly than plasma cutting and flame cutting. When plasma cutting, there is a lot of dust, thick smoke, etc., and strong light. This requires that there must be a supporting dust removal device. However, there is very little dust generated during laser cutting, the light is not very strong, and the noise is very small, which is more environmentally friendly. Laser cutting has many advantages over plasma cutting.

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