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Developments in the field of laser cutting

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With the development of society and the rise of industry, industrial high-end technology products have entered the market one after another, which also means that industrial products are gradually progressing towards high-end, complex and original directions.

In various construction fields, the demand for pipes or plates is also rising in a straight line, and the quality and craftsmanship are becoming more and more strict. This is also a disguised requirement for the craftsmanship of pipes and plates. A new field of craftsmanship was slowly born - laser cutting equipment.

When it comes to cutting, it can be divided into plasma cutting, cutting sheet cutting, electric welding cutting, wire cutting, laser cutting and so on. Each has its own advantages in this institute. Plasma cutting: using the working gas as a conductive medium, carrying heat, melting the processed metal and blowing the molten metal in the incision to achieve the purpose of cutting. And plasma cutting is divided into plasma air cutting, plasma nitrogen cutting, plasma oxygen cutting, etc. Cutting blade cutting: The motor drives the cutting saw blade to rotate to cut off the object; electric welding cutting. Use flammable gas such as acetylene to melt the object for cutting; wire cutting principle: When the switch contact is damaged by spark discharge corrosion and the reason, it is found that the instantaneous high temperature of the electric spark can melt and oxidize the local metal and be corroded; Laser cutting: The horizontal laser beam emitted by the laser is then focused by a lens to form a very small spot at the focal point. When the spot is irradiated on the material, the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature and evaporated to form holes. The beam moves the material, and cooperates with the auxiliary gas such as carbon dioxide gas, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. to blow away the molten waste residue, so that the hole continuously forms a narrow slit to complete the cutting of the material.

It is such a variety of cutting methods that meet the needs of various pipes and plates required in the industry. With the development of technology, it is believed that there will be more advanced technologies in the field of laser cutting machine in the future.

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