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Application of laser pipe cutting machine in various industries

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In the current metal industry processing market, laser pipe cutting machines have become more and more trending, and the processing market of sheet metal has gradually been eliminated by the market. Due to the trend of laser pipe cutting machines, many factories have begun to transform into pipe processing. With the continuous growth of the domestic economy, laser pipe cutting machines are very active in the market, which has also driven the development of other market economies in my country, such as medical equipment, fitness equipment, furniture industry, kitchenware and bathroom, agricultural machinery, new energy vehicles, automation , mechanization and other industries.

Laser tube cutting machines account for more than 40% of the laser industry, and currently the largest application technology in the laser processing industry. In recent years, the technology of laser pipe cutting machine has made a breakthrough development, and it is moving towards the direction of high precision, high power and large format.

The emergence of laser pipe cutting machines has brought subversive changes to the cutting technology of the traditional pipe industry. Laser pipe cutting machines have almost replaced many traditional cutting with low efficiency. Now laser pipe cutting machines continue to add new functions and technologies. Such as automatic loading and unloading, servo support, rotation, punching, slotting, carving, bevel cutting and other complex graphics cutting, suitable for round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, angle steel, channel steel and other special-shaped pipe cutting. There is no need to replace the corresponding saw blade for different pipes, and there is no need to stop in the middle. The laser pipe cutting machine almost meets all the requirements of pipe cutting.

Pipes are widely used in all walks of life, and the length of national standard pipes is 6 meters. In terms of work efficiency, the laser pipe cutting machine takes almost fifteen seconds for a traditional saw blade to cut a steel pipe. Today, the laser pipe cutting machine can be used to cut in less than 2 seconds, and the efficiency is about 10 times higher. Usually, the saw blade will be worn out after 1000 times of cutting, and it needs to be replaced. However, the laser pipe cutting machine can cut an unlimited number of times, and the cutting effect does not require secondary processing and can be used directly, which can improve work efficiency and save costs. Laser pipe cutting machines have entered all walks of life and have been deeply applied in the market.

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