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Acme Laser Welding Machine

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The laser welding machine is a small laser processing equipment, with a high degree of automation, a simple welding process, welding points, lines, circles, squares, and many other two-dimensional graphics.

For thin-walled metal materials and precision parts with special requirements, laser welding uses laser pulses for local heating in a small area, which has the advantages of small welding seam, small deformation, less welding slag, fast welding, beautiful welding seam, and no special treatment after welding. , It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, etc. It can be precisely controlled, the focusing spot is small, the positioning accuracy is high, and it is easy to realize automation. The non-contact working method meets the requirements of environmental protection and cleanliness. With the advancement of science and technology, the price reduction of lasers and chiller accessories, the lack of traditional welding senior technicians, the increase in labor costs and other related factors, the cost-effectiveness of laser welding machines have continued to increase and has been affected by manufacturing, powder metallurgy, transportation industry, electronic technology, biology, and other related factors. Favored by science, medical devices, and other fields and more professional attention.

The Acme laser welding machine is mainly composed of laser and welding units. Handheld welding with the flexibility, efficiency, and quality of laser welding. The overall equipment is modular in design and layout, beautiful, and easy to maintain and debug. High system flexibility, compatibility with multiple models, and short changeover times. Total power (maximum): 2.5-10kw

Laser MAX 1000W~2000W single-mode continuous fiber laser is a high-power fiber laser with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, good beam quality, and maintenance-free. The wide core diameter ranges from 100 to 600um and can be customized from 800um to 1000um. Mainly used in metal welding and cladding, as well as new energy, 3C, precision machining, and other fields.

The water cooling system consists of an inner circulation system and an outer circulation system. The inner circulation system is self-contained by the laser, and the outer circulation system adopts a special water cooling unit for the laser to ensure the long-term stable operation of the laser. This product adopts a high-performance controller as the main control device and has the characteristics of beautiful structure, high reliability, and strong anti-interference ability. The whole machine is compact in structure, small in size, and high in mechanical strength. Good cooling performance and high efficiency.

Product introduction: Powerful hand-held welding joint, which can realize various light output modes such as point, straight line, circle, triangle, figure 8, and so on. Lightweight, flexible, and ergonomically designed. The protective lenses are easy to replace. High-quality optical lens can carry 2000W power. Its cooling system is designed to effectively control the working temperature. It has good sealing performance and extended service life.

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