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What are the advantages of groove laser cutting machine?

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With the continuous progress of technology in various industries, the demand for metal pipes is growing, and the pipe processing technology is also gradually developing and maturing. Since the advent of the laser pipe cutting machine, the efficiency and quality of pipe processing have made a qualitative leap. As we all know, the emergence of any new technology to its widespread popularity is bound to be accompanied by the development of new technology. If new technology wants to break the tradition, it must have its own

Principle of laser pipe cutting machine

The working principle of the laser cutting machine is to use the laser beam to generate heat energy. The mechanical management system can realize cutting in cooperation with the movement. The intelligent information system controls cutting internally, which can improve production efficiency and quality

1、Efficient cutting of thick plate groove

The groove supports cutting metal plates up to 30mm thick; Compared with the traditional groove process, the thickness of laser cutting groove plate has been greatly increased, helping enterprises to broaden the processing range and application scenarios, and greatly improve production efficiency.

2、 Improvement of groove cutting quality

The three-dimensional five axis laser cutting head can cut and trim the three-dimensional special-shaped surface of the workpiece; It supports up to 45 ° groove cutting and one-time forming without secondary processing. The workpiece can be directly used for welding, effectively replacing the traditional punching die and trimming process, shortening the production cycle and reducing the manufacturing cost.

3、Stable production and batch processing

The traditional cutting groove is easily affected by external factors, which leads to unstable cutting technology, uneven quality of machined parts, and low production efficiency; The use of laser equipment for groove cutting can effectively ensure the accuracy of cutting, stable cutting quality, and reduce machining errors. It is suitable for batch processing of groove parts.

4、Reduce groove processing cost

The traditional way of processing groove parts requires a large number of manual participation in the cutting and grinding process; The use of laser equipment for cutting can help enterprises effectively reduce labor costs and time input, effectively solve the problem of recruitment difficulties for enterprises, and save production costs.

5、Support multi groove cutting

The three-dimensional five axis laser cutting head can accurately control the equipment axis according to different material thicknesses and welding requirements. It breaks through the conventional straight cutting method and supports cutting K-type, V-type, Y-type, U-type, X-type and other types of grooves, saving production processes, zero gap cutting, reducing welding difficulties and improving sheet metal processing efficiency.

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