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Three Chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine LT6025G

Our Bastic Level Specialized Tube Laser Cutter
 Cutting Tube Length 6000mm
 Cutting Tube Diameter 10-250mm
 CypCut 3000 TubePro Cutting System
 TubesT 3D Nesting Software
 Double Pneumatic Chuck Auto Centering
 Minimum 65mm Tube Tailing
 Can Load Semi-Automatic Tube Loading Device
 Support Various Tube Shape Cutting
 Support Special Profile Angle, Channel Steel Cutting
  • LT6025G

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Product Introduction

The LT-6025G laser pipe cutting machine is independently developed by ACME Laser. The bed is welded by steel plate and steel pipe. The main parts such as the bed chuck are all independently developed, designed and produced by our company. The equipment is equipped with three chucks and is suitable for metal pipes. It can cut various types of metal pipes with diameters of 10-250mm and different shapes. Applicable to industries such as shelves, massage chairs, lamps, sanitary wares.

Product advantages: 

 High speed

 It can perform high-speed and high-quality laser cutting on round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes and other special-shaped tubes.

 Good flexibility

 New product development does not need to reopen the mold, which greatly shortens the development time of new products and reduces development costs.

 High precision

 Fast speed and high precision, it can realize pipe drilling, cutting, intersecting wire cutting and precision cutting of various special-shaped and complex graphics that are difficult to achieve by conventional processing. After programming on professional pipe nesting software, realize what you see is what you get.

One-time molding

Forming at one time, avoiding multiple processing processes such as traditional cutting and grinding, saves costs and improves efficiency.

Highly recommended

The optical fiber CNC pipe cutting machine is economical in price and powerful in performance. It can finely cut and process a variety of long metal materials such as profile, angle iron, channel steel, H steel, etc. Welcome to consult and purchase.

 Product configuration

 1. The main machine is welded with 16-20mm carbon steel plate, strictly heat-treated, and the whole plate is cut.

 2. The main machine adopts all Japanese Yaskawa motors, with a total of 5 servo motors.

 3. Pneumatic support design makes cutting more stable.  Use a large stroke automatic centering chuck.

 4. The screw holes above 4mm in the whole bed are planed and milled by COLGAR large milling machine.

 5. The whole machine adopts electric timing oiler, which can reduce the loss of equipment caused by insufficient lubrication.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters


Laser power

Cutting tube length




Cutting pipe diameter

Cutting tail material

Y-axis stroke

10-250mm (outer diameter of round tube)



X-axis stroke

Z-axis stroke

X, Y-axis positioning accuracy




X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy

Chuck load

Front chuck load



Square tube, Rectangular tube, round tube, oval tube, flat tube

Floor area

Power of the whole machine

Weight of the whole machine




4 tons

Power supply


Auxiliary gas



Oxygen, nitrogen, air

Maximum feed rate

Control system

Support file format


Professional laser equipment processing system

IGS (available for drawing by PRO/E.UG, solidworks)

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