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ACME Tube Laser Cutting Machine Using In Steel Chair Industry

Tube laser become more popular, the practicality of laser cutting technology has also been continuously improved, and it has also begun to be applied to various industries.

Chair Industry is one of the main industries that our tube laser well used.

Steel tube structure inside chair

Cinema seat

Stadium seat

Meeting room auditorium chair

One of our tube laser in customer site who are manufacturer of Chairs

Before our tube laser, the customer use traditional way to process tubes. Disadvantage:

1.The procedure is complex: traditional way need Sawing machine blanking-lathe processing-drilling position proof punching-drilling-cleaning-transfer welding, requires 9 processes. which requires 6 processes.

2.Low processing accuracy: Under traditional processing methods, the overall accuracy of the pipe cannot be guaranteed. Whether it is a sawing machine, a punching machine, or a drilling machine, there are processing errors, especially for processing equipment with a low degree of automation control, the more the sequence of processes, the bigger the accumulation of processing errors. The above-mentioned processing methods all require human intervention in the control of the processing process, and human error will be added to the final product accuracy error. Therefore, the product accuracy of the traditional various processing method is not controllable and guaranteed. In the final product stage, manual repair often occur.

3.Low processing efficiency: the punching machine can show its efficiency for batch punching of standard-shaped holes such as round holes and square holes. However, there are many types of holes in the pipe splicing and welding joints in the chair industry. , Unless the customer is willing to spend more experience and cost to develop a variety of different molds. Drilling machines generally can only process round holes, and the processing limitations are greater. The processing limitations and low efficiency of each process have created low efficiency in the overall product output.

4.High labor cost: For sawing, punching, and drilling in traditional processing methods, the biggest feature is actually human intervention. The operation of each piece of equipment requires manual duty because the degree of automation of such equipment is extremely low. Labor costs may account for a large part of corporate profits.

How can our tube laser solve above problems?

1.One-time processing, no matter how many holes and patterns, laser cutting can complete all procedures at one time cutting, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces production process.


2.Flexible processing, let you no need the mold. Tube laser machine works with CNC control system and drawing software, different cutting requirement, you can make different drawings.

No need make mold anymore. 

3.Save your cost. Think about it, how many old processing machine tube laser can save for you? How many production process tube laser can save for you? How many workers can save for you?

Every procedure means--Cost. And our tube laser, can save all these cost. Not only this, space saving (one machine can instead of several machines), high technology, intelligent equipment can let you meet Industry 4.0, is means the future.

Using our tube laser, 3 days can reached the one month processing volume which they use old traditional equipment in the past.

Laser technology, bring you high efficiency. ACME tube laser, make you more easier and intelligent cutting tubes.

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