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Tube Laser Cutting Machine to Kitchenware Manufacturing

Laser cutting tube machine is widely used in many industries, kitchenware processing industry is one of them. Many people outside the industry may not know much about it.

We will often use in life, stainless steel gas cooker, stainless steel stove, stainless steel oven and so on, stainless steel has a lot of advantages, mesa hardness is better, with anti-impact, and mesa gloss is very good, daily cleaning is convenient.

Now the hotel kitchen is basically stainless steel cabinets.

Create high quality kitchen utensils and appliances is the key to its manufacturing process, the traditional processing equipment of kitchen utensils and appliances is based on the numerical control punch press is given priority to, combined with polishing, cutting  process , machining efficiency is extremely low, and the mold is used up big, the processing cost is high, in the competitive market environment, these problems has been plagued by many kitchenware processing factory.The emergence of laser cutting technology has solved these problems.

Laser processing kitchenware has many advantages: first of all, laser processing does not need to open mold, do not need to make molds for different designs, save a lot of production costs;Secondly, laser processing flexibility is high, graphics are not limited, whether it is simple or complex graphics, can be used a laser cutting forming, can also achieve automatic cutting typesetting, nesting, improve the material utilization;At the same time, laser processing cutting speed, high precision, cutting edge smooth and smooth, no burr, reduce the product defect rate, shorten the production cycle;Finally, the laser cutting machine will not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment, in line with the national environmental protection requirements.It reduces environmental pollution and helps kitchenware manufacturers to promote environmental optimization.

The rise of fiber laser cutting machine promotes the development of the kitchenware industry, but also in the invisible change of people's quality of life, high-quality kitchenware creates quality of life, fiber laser cutting machine to achieve the diversification of kitchenware products and multi-functional, with the most pious attitude to create the most sophisticated life details

Jinan ACME 6020D fiber laser cutting machine is a suitable for metal pipe cutting equipment, is widely used in chassis electrical cabinet, advertising words, doors and Windows manufacturing and elevator, furniture and other industries, in the kitchen industry also has a good performance.It is independently developed by Acme Laser. The bed is made of steel plate pipe cutting and welding, and the main components such as bed chuck are independently developed, designed and produced by our company. The equipment is equipped with full-stroke pneumatic chuck, mainly used for metal pipes cutting, molding and blanking of materials, suitable for all kinds of metal pipes with diameter of 16-170mm and different shapes.

This product also has many advantages:

High speed

High speed and high quality laser cutting can be carried out on the profiles of round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, elliptic pipe and other special-shaped pipes.

Flexible well

New product development does not need to re-open mold, shorten the development time of new products, reduce the cost of development.

High precision, high speed, high precision, can realize the pipe hole, cut, intersecting line cutting and conventional processing difficult to achieve all kinds of special-shaped complex graphics precise and close cutting, through the professional pipe nesting software programming, achieve what you see is what you get.

A molding

One - time molding, avoid cutting off traditional processing, grinding and other processing processes, save cost, improve efficiency.The price is economical, suitable for batch processing of the same type of pipe, the optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine needs manual feeding, can be equipped with an auxiliary feeding frame. Suitable for factory customers with large pipe capacity and infrequent pipe changing.The machine has simple structure, low failure rate and easy operation. The artificial refueling time of tube material in batch processing is 10 seconds.

The main machine adopts Japanese Yaskawa motor, servo motor altogether 5 sets.Pneumatic support design, cutting more stable.Adopt large stroke automatic centering chuck.All screw holes above 4mm of the whole bed are planed by Colgar large milling machine.The machine adopts electric timing oil tank, which can reduce the equipment loss caused by the failure of lubrication.This machine design is rigorous, simple and easy to learn, is the inevitable choice of processing equipment in kitchenware industry.

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