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ACME Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Fitness Equipment Industry

With the continuous development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for health and body shape, and more and more people enter the fitness center, and the market demand for fitness equipment has greatly increased.

As one of the more popular cutting technologies, laser cutting has gradually become an indispensable processing method for fitness equipment processing. Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser pipe cutting machine can cut more beautiful end faces and apertures, which is more professional in the working cutting of pipes and reduces the processing procedures.

Compared with the traditional sheet metal cutting process that requires cutting, punching, and bending, it consumes a lot of molds and has a better cost investment. The laser cutting machine does not need to go through these processes, and the cutting effect and quality Better.

The sports fitness equipment manufacturing industry is a rising star in laser applications. Due to the large number of pipe processing in this industry, such as spinning bikes, bicycles, sit-up boards, children's scooters, outdoor fitness equipment and other products, a large number of pipe components are used. The cutting and punching processes of pipes are often used. Therefore, laser tube cutting equipment with high speed, high efficiency and high precision is very necessary. 

Jinan ACME Laser has specially developed and manufactured a professional tube laser cutting machine for the sports fitness equipment industry, which can cut and perforate various traditional or special-shaped tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, and D-shaped tubes. Arbitrary complex curve graphics are processed on the surface, the cut pipe does not need to be processed twice, and the processing accuracy is high, the repeatability is good, there is no need to open the mold, which is economical and time-saving.

Here are some advantages of metal laser pipe cutting machine in fitness equipment:

1. High cutting accuracy and high dimensional accuracy. The cut is neat and tidy, without burrs, and material loss is relatively small.

2. The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is very small, there is almost no thermal deformation, and there is no oxidation, which can produce higher quality and more uniform parts, which is particularly advantageous for subsequent automatic welding.

3. High cutting efficiency, mass production can be realized. All operations of laser cutting can be unified into a unit as a continuous operation process, thereby greatly reducing logistics time. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. Traditional machining methods require very heavy clamping forces. Laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters of pipe, which makes batch processing possible.

4. High flexibility. Laser tube cutting technology can handle any shape that has been programmed, and can cut in any direction. You can quickly change the shape of the template without the help of any tools. There is no need to open a mold, which can respond to the needs of local customers more quickly, so as to achieve personalized customization.

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